EXPLORE KNITWEAR LTD. was established in 2017, 1st January with mission and vision to support in readymade garments business in Bangladesh as well as worldwide buyers.
Our purpose is to generate buyer’s value by delivering quality products at the right time in the most cost effective ways. We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in individual and organization performances in the industry and continuously rewarding achievements.
Within next couple of years EXPLORE KNITWEAR LTD will be an industry leader in the garments sector manufacturing with a wide range of products serving to a diverse portfolio of clients. With customer service being the core driving force of the organization we have also committed ourselves to the future by integrating environmental sustainability to our business philosophy. We believe that an increasingly resources constrained world sustainable business practices are critical to the creation of long-term value for all our stakeholders.


Highly experienced and dedicated workforce. Skilled female employees (64% of employees total workforce). All patterns by AUTO-CAD. O Long-term employees.
Technically sound personnel across top management. Top management have over 20 years experienced. Well spaced factory floors with maximum cleanliness, adequate cooling, and emergency exit routes. Gas, power, and necessary utilities available around the clock, with our own substation and generator facilities in the event of power failures. 100% compliant with all applicable laws, regulations or statuses regarding health, building safety, fire and environmental concerns.


Garments : 32,000 pcs per day.

Knitting: 7 tons per day

Dyeing: 50 tons per day (Associated)

Printing: 20,000 pcs per day

Turnover: US $18.00 million

Total Manpower: 730

Management Personnel : 25